Aisfa + Daniyal

Asifa & Daniyal : A Beautiful Muslim wedding in Mississauga, ON

Asifa's wedding has a great culture with rich customs. A Pakistani wedding is a great feast of fun, merriments, and celebrations. It is celebrated with great fervor. The wedding is followed by several pre-wedding customs and rituals.

Mehndi tooke place before wedding. It's a cdermony of women. They applied Mehndi( Henna ) to the bride's hands and feet, sign, dance, and blessed the bride.

Baraat Day, a procession of family, relatives, and friends of groom that accompany the groom to birde's home for official wedding ceremony. Daniyal made his way to the bride's and given warm welcome by the bride;s family with flower garlands and rose petal.

Walima is cremony to accounce the wedding to community and friends It's a grand reception hosted by groom's parents and was a great fun party

We really enjoyed the party.